Perlo, Senior/Residential/Medical Center, Warsaw, Ursynów district

Senior Center project is located in Warsaw, Ursynów district, at ul. Indiry Gandhi and ul. Jana Rosoła. Senior Center project is located in Warsaw, Ursynów district, at ul. Indiry Gandhi and ul. Jana Rosoła. The project is consistent with the Zoning Plan and involves a modern “Senior Hospital Center”. The complex will consist of four buildings, where medical services are to be provided to seniors:

  • Building A – assisted living with medical and general care
  • Building B – Care and Medical Facility, a so-called seniors’ home – medical and nurse care
  • Building C – Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Building D – Ambulatory Clinic, Medical and Scientific Center

Senior complex to be built in Ursynów will meet the latest worldwide trends of creating medical services with the use of synergy of specialist entities providing various medical and care services. It involves providing the clients/patients with holistic and comprehensive care – from consultations, through diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and permanent care, where necessary. Another worldwide trend is to introduce a healing environment to hospital care, which is called therapeutic space in scientific literature. It involves a set of guidelines for designing medical space so that it would support treatment processes. Such principles mainly mean providing home-like atmosphere and contact with the so-called normal life, i.e. participation in family and social life, and staying out of bed, in the hospital common areas, cafes and restaurants. Other services include hair salons, beauty parlors, movie theater, theater, shopping experience and even remote work, which will greatly improve patients’ well being and contribute to their will to get better.The project is currently at the concept stage.

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